Candace Wischum


​​Our Services

We are committed to working in partnership with homeowners, realtors, business owners and investors to assist in the process of selling a home or business a the desired price and in the shortest amount of time. 

We take the time to evaluate a home or business's urrent marketability and then identify all of the options available to highlight the features of a property that separate it from the competition by accentuating it appeal. 

We showcase the distinctive characteristics of the home or business to potential buyers. Staging is a proven strategy that is often a deciding factor in determining how long a property is on the market and the price it is sold. We offer the following services to clients: 

  • Consultation: We offer a two-hour consultation to walk through the property with the owner and/or realtor to determine next steps to enhance the property's appeal. 

  • Occupied Home Staging: We use the owner's belongings to stage the home to highlight the features of the home to establish a WOW factor to potential buyers. Additional pieces can be rented or purchased to achieve the desired result and all available will be discussed at the consultation. 

  • Vacant Home Staging: We will transform your vacant home into a furnished home but bringing in furniture and decor that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

  • Virtual Home Staging:​ We will virtually stage your home by providing images of each room with furniture and decor with the use of a graphic editor.

  • Business Staging: As in our home staging services, we provide consultations and hands-on staging for businesses.