We take pride in all of our services that are supported by high standards, quality workmanship and great customer service.

We use Staging® as a tool to encourage others to imagine how life could be and how they could see themselves in that space. We use research to prepare the “dressing” so that the space will “dress to impress”.

Our Positioning process facilitates a mental shift in the buyers’ eye and helps them to focus on how it could be. We take a space and create a mood by creating a stage with which the widest variety of buyers can imagine this as their happy place.

Whether we help you to sell your home or use staging for events or a business our goal is to help you either make more money in less time or to have a great place to entertain or entertain while setting the mood for success.

Benefits of Staging

Owner, CCW Professional Staging


I help homeowners prepare their home for sale regardless of price, location or market conditions so that they will sell for more money and in less time.

Staged® homes maximize the best that a home can offer and minimize the faults. A Staged® home expresses a feeling of belonging by maximizing the best features of the house and minimizing the faults. Staging involves de-cluttering and depersonalizing so that others can see themselves in that space.  I help homeowners through the processes so that they can focus on their next home.

I offer consultations and In-Home Staging® for homes or businesses for sale. Holiday decorating and small events and parties are also part of our portfolio.

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1. Faster Sales Time - Reduce Time on Market

2. Best Sales Price

3. Professional Image - Staged ® homes look better in print and internet advertising.

4. Great Market Differentiator

5. Distinct Marketing Advantage over non-staged homes

6. Attract a broader range of buyers - Staged ® homes are more appealing and are recognized as the best properties to see.

7. Buyers view Staged ® Homes as well cared for properties.

8. Building inspectors view Staged ® Homes as cared for properties.

9. Appraisers are more likely to appraise Staged ® homes at full value.Tax Advantages - Staging ® may be tax deductible as a service done to specifically prepare your home for sale.

​10. Tax Advantages - Staging ® may be tax deductible as a service done to specifically prepare your home for sale.

Our Mission